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Senior Class Pictures: 1930, 36, 37
Primary Pictures: 1933-34, 35-36
  All School Picture: 1927-28

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Marmarth Alumni:

New Carol Lamb O'Shea
My name is Carol Lamb O'Shea (Carol Lamb daughter of John and Eleanor Lamb).  I went to grade school in Marmarth for first and second grade 1956-1958.  Mrs. Flatness was my teacher both years.  My brother, Wendell, and I were back not long ago and when we were driving around, I was lost.  So many memories but I know it was bigger back then.  I now live in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  I would love to hear from someone back there or who went to school and lived there back then.  My son and grandchildren live here also. 

LeRoy Couture
My name is LeRoy (Bun) Couture. I attended Marmarth Public from 1942 through 1955. My family was made up of Mom and Dad (both deceased now and 4 boys and 3 girls. The 3 older boys are deceased. I live in Texas, 2 of the girls live in Billings, Montana and 1 sister in Portland, Orgon. Would love to hear from anyone that lived in Marmarth.

John Pat Leary
More power to tiny Marmarth! I came across the website while initiating a "Marmarth" search on the internet. I knew [of] at least three or four of the folks who had signed in on the alumni page. I attended the Marmarth school from 1941 through spring 1946; my uncle and aunt, Ray and Helen Hadley, are buried in the Marmarth Cemetery. I still get an
annual Christmas card from Beryl Childers. Best wishes to all the "Longhorns" from the '40s! John Pat Leary, Volga, S.D. 

Lyle (Speck) & Ann Holman
I attended school in Marmarth from 1932 until 1944.I was drafted into the US Navy 5 days after grduating. I served over 2 years and came back to Marmarth, where I worked on the Rail Road until 1951. I then went back in the Navy and served over 20 years, retiring in 1986 as a Chief Missile Tec. at the age of 42. I then worked for Vitro corporation for over 17 years. The work was on the Polaris Missile Submarines contracted by the Department of Defence. I retired in 1986. My wife Ann and I live in Cottageville, South Carolina. We have 3 children all grown up with families of their own. They have given us 7 grandchildren and 7 greatgrandchildren. You can email us at

James R. ( Dick) Criger
I attended Marmarth School from 1931 to 1940 and then moved to Howard, Kansas. Betty and I have four children who all live nearby. We now live in Grove, Oklahoma, and have for the last 31 years. I would like to hear from any of my classmates; My brother George and sister Cora, who both attended Marmarth Schools, are still living and well.

Frank and Muriel (Culp) Sonnek
Frank attended Marmarth School from 1933 to 1945; Muriel graduated in 1947. They now live in South Dakota and Los Angeles.

Thomas E. Masa
I grew up in Marmarth. My dad, Frank, ran the Standard station (where the post office is now located) and we lived a block south on the corner. I attended grade school in Marmarth, but we moved to Miles City in 1958 when my brother John graduated from high school. My older brother Paul also attended high school in Marmarth in the 40's. I now live in Minot, John lives in Miles City, and Paul in Kalispell. Our parents are deceased, but I still have a lot of relatives in the area as my mother was Elizabeth Sonsalla.

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